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SV 1 consists of a blend of ingredients based on a highly digestible base mix. It is a naturally light sweet bait that is not based on milk derivatives or blended fish meals. A bait which provides a protein source that is very easily digested and goes well together with the digestive system of the carp. It has a good nutritional value and a huge attraction. The SV1 is perfect for tricky circuit waters, but can also be used on any other conceivable water type. The SV1 is throwing stick resistant for longer distances.

Ingredients a.o.: Extruded base mix, Fibres, Phaffia Yeast powder, Betaïne HCL, Lysine HCL, Liquid Milk Protein Sweetener and a pineapple peach blend.

Available in 5 kg bags in 15, 20 and 24 mm.

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