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The RADIX owes its name to one of its unique ingredients; the slag concentrate. But that is just one of the many very attractive ingredients.

Anyone who has studied the food preferences of carp a little bit knows that bloodworm (red mosquito larvae) and flea lobsters are high on the menu of our friends. Red mosquito larvae are full of useful nutrients and the carp also taste very good. To begin with, the CG Baits Radix boilies contain real red mosquito larvae, freeze-dried ground flea lobsters, mussel powder, algae powder and snail concentrate of high quality. The boilie is flavored with a slightly sweetish extract.

The Radix is ​​suitable for any type of water in any season.
This boilie is very effective both instant, during short sessions and feed campaigns.

Ingredients ao: mussel powder, blood worm, ground dried flea lobsters, snail concentrate, an algae powder, blood worm pellets and a separate basic mix.

Available in a 3 kg bags in sizes 15, 20 and 24 mm

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